ClickCmd+M (or Ctrl+M)to use Merlin ChatGPT Plus on any website

Go through following steps to get started

Step 1: Refresh
You have torefresh ALL currently opened tabsso that Merlin gets activated
Step 2: Check out Merlin Demo
Step 3: How do I open Merlin?
Simply Press
(or Ctrl +Mon windows) and open
Merlin to action on any website
Step 4: Use it for Emails, Blogs, Coding, etc
Step 5: Try yourself:
1. Select the email below
2. Use Cmd+M to call Merlin
3. Write “Write me a Reply to this” & hit enter
Dear Merlin,
Hope this email finds you in good health. I am writing to you to know about how I can use Merlin to write a reply to this email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
[Your name]
Step 6: Where can you use Merlin?
Almost every website on your browser such as:
& the list goes on...
Web pages in which Merlin will not work
  • Bing and Edge
  • New tab page & blank page
  • Chrome’s page: Setting page, History page, Chrome Web Store page
  • Google Docs & some other google products
Having trouble using Merlin or Wanna know more ? 🤔 Check out ourWiki Page!
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