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Frequently Asked Questions

1 .🤔 Do you upgrade/modify the extension?
2 .😇 Can I suggest additional features to be added to the extension?
3 .🌟 What browsers is the extension available on?
4 .🤯 What is chatgpt ?
5 .🤔 What is OpenAi ?
6 .😇 How do I install merlin in my browser ?
7 .🌟 What is Merlin’s spotlight?
8 .🚀 Do I need to login to Merlin to use the merlin spotlight?
9 .🥂 How do I remove the spotlight from my screen ?
10 .🤴 Which model does Merlin use ?
11 .🔥 What is the difference between chatgpt & gpt3?
12 .✨ How do I personalise merlin to my taste?
13 .👉 What counts as a query in Merlin search?
14 .👀 Why am I getting this error message- ”Your prompt or context is too long! And we just cant handle it. Please reduce its length”? Is there any limit on my input query?
15 .👑 How do I get Merlin pro?
16 .🤔 How do I keep a track of my queries?
17 .🙋 How do I upgrade my pro tier?
18 .😁 Do I have to refresh all sites post installing merlin?
19 .😅 Is chatgpt banned in my country?
20 .👀 Will I get to use Merlin if my country is blacklisted from using chatgpt?
21 .😉 Why do I keep getting this message: “Our Servers Are Running Too Hot! Please Check Back After Some Time” ?
22 .➡ What does this message mean: “You have exceeded your quota for some time. Please try later or try it from some other website” ?
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